WTS 30m SP pvp charactere focus triglavian / amarr ( can fly gall t2 hauling ship dst/ blockade)

Bea MinerMcpickle’s Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Good all around char
focus on guns trig and amarr
positive security status positive wallet no kill rights
2 remap + current yearly remap

make offer

11 billions

15 bill.

16 billion


daily bump!


3000 plex



17b bo

Isk only


I’m willing to pay 19b, if it’s OK in these two days

hack-saw deal send information ill start trsf once i get the isk


still nothing from hack-saw send isk and account details banker and i am yours

weekly bump no reply from buyer. Still for sale!

19bil, isks ready . email with details sent. Will send isk once you confirm here BO

Yes Nji Ga send info im yours!