WTS Character 42M SP (Closed)

Hello guys

Dread pilot (for beacons whit t2 sige)
ikitursa nergal
ishtar vagabond
2 command ship

1 implants set for dread
no kill right
you can play FW also in min or gal
Security Status:-2.1

i don’t know the amount of money, so i start the auction
20b I do not know

fly safe

20 B offer


23 B offer

27 billions.

Offer 28B

if no more than 28 b is offered i’m redy for the transfer

29B offer

i few want send isk and i will transfer soon 29.5 bil are so good for me sir

30 Billion if im not too late.
I am online and will be here all day. isk ready.
I have sent eve mail.

31 billion

any people want offert more

i try to sell faster but people still fight for this account

I can send isk any time when your ready to accept.

ok astro i will accept your offert sir

Isk sent , Account info Sent

31.5 b mate

ok i will send in a moment let me see isk is in wallet

Astr0Physics confirm transfer in 50min transfer will be up

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ok game chat pls

32B offer