41m sp 700k unallocated

3.4 sec status
Pos wallet
2 sets of +4 perception and willpower in amarr
MG crystal pod

Cybernetics 5
Flies vargur
Cal, gal, minmatar cruiser 5
Magic 14 100%

Will be in jita at time of sell
Will be in npc corp at time of sell
All ccp rules apply

37b minimum
43b buyout

43 bill buyout

Accepted, please send isk and acc info and I’ll start the transfer when I get home in around 40 minutes.

Sorry meant to reply. Send isk and acc info, I’ll start in around 40 minutes

Isk sent and mail sent with account name

Hey there, consulted my corp, I’ll be putting this transfer on hold. I’ll send back the isk and if I do sell it’ll be at this price and to you.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

ok no problem, awaiting the isk return

Be home in around 10 to send isk back

Sent isk back

Still here? I can continue with the sale.

I bought a diff one, sorry

no problem.

Char is still for sale.

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