80m Sp Minmatar Char

No kill rights
Positive security status
Positive wallet
Is in NPC corp (session changing)

All CCP rules apply

50b offer

60b offer

61 B offer

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Thank you for your bids, character will sell.

So has bidding ended here? You choose to sell outside of ccp requirements?

Sorry you misunderstand me, auction is still ongoing just although i didnt state a reserve but its been met.

English language not my best apologies.

So what’s b/o?

62b offer

I’d take 66b as a buyout thanks

66B B/O

Send isk and account name and ill start the transfer.


you drag this out for a couple days and in the middle of the night post a B/O leaving people out of the bidding process.

I offer 67b

Is Send My Acc And Isk Now Wait you

he didnt even send you the right amount of isk.

Uploading: image.png…
Sorry my Error
Is ok Now

But still my complaint is valid to Tituss McGee, his loss though and for me other characters will come along.

Apologies its morning for me, im sure the right char will come along for you.

Transfer started.

Morning for me also, just happens to be 4am daily wake up. Congrats Merchant Bank, make sure you drop a corpse in the graveyard before you biomass your skill harvest.

I think I will use the skill path of this account well, which is consistent with my needs. Thank you for your concern