WTS 176m SP erebus / cap alt

  • Located in Jita
  • no killrights
  • positive wallet
  • npc corp
  • Amulet HG pod

this is an auction :
start bid : 140b
increments: 5b
buy out: 160b

I pay for transfer



5b increments only friend

then take my 1bil increment as a 5bil increment my friend :wink:

check ingame eve-mail please

as agreed ingame I gonna send the iskies in a sec

isk sent:)

agreed ingame with @uxmaximus2 , starting transfer to account he sent.


hi did you start the transfer yet ?

yes its sent

ok great, just wondered, as I am still able to logon on the Slot and have not received the transfer mail yet. Lets wait the 10h schedule then. Thank you o7

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please keep one slot open for this to happen.

the char is still not there.

are you absolutely sure? since it has left my account.

did you receive the character?

I received the char, Thanks alot! :slight_smile:

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