WTS 120m SP

No kill rights
Positive wallet
Security status 0.04
Located in Jita

85 B offer


88B offer


I withdraw my offer

After the DT, the last bid will be accepted

is your offer still active?
I’m willing to accept your price.

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My 85 B offer is still active. Let me know if you want to proceed with mine if Tan Cressida doesn’t want or there are no other higher bids.


87b offer,isk ready

@FUNNY_LOL we can start transfer

Your response is too late, I’ve been waiting for 5 days and I’ve just paid for a role at the moment. Of course, if you want and no one else bids, I can pay by this time tomorrow, you need to give me some time

@FUNNY_LOL when we can start our deal?


@Harrigan_Raen we can start the transfer


Retracting my offer, something feels off about this sale.

No problem.
I’m waiting for a new bid