WTS Miner 10.5m SP + 2m Unallocated

Wallet balance - Currently sitting at 0 isk
Kill rights - No kill rights on the character
Jump clones - No jump clones currently
Character location - Currently in Jita 4-4
+3 Basic Implants
2 Remaps available!

Bids accepted until the 7th October 22:00 CEST

offer 6B

8b offer ok?

offer 8.5B

9b offer

9.5b offert

10b offer


We offer 12 Bil

Closing the bidding soon, highest bid 12b!


if character still available 13B

Yes, let’s shake on it. I’ await the ISK transfer.

isk and account info sent to ekua. Thanks!

Thank you, transfer complete. Enjoy!

character received thanks.

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