WTS 4.7M sp +1mil unallocated

WTS me


Located in high sec
no kill rights
positive wallet

all ccp rules apply
i pay for the transfer

Bids start at 4b

Offering 2.5

Bumpity bump

offer removed.

I accept send isk and account info

Still for sale


If your still interested send isk and account info

Hey! I’m very interested - but I’m away with work till Friday.

If this sells before then that’s cool.

If not, I’ll send the Isk and account Friday evening!

Hope that works for you


That works for me

Please accept my apologies m8, I am going to have to pull out of this deal.

It’s a nice toon though!

Good luck with the sale :slight_smile:

I’m still here!

Offer 3B

I will match the previous 3.5b offer. Ready to buy promptly

i accept send isk and info

ISK and info sent

Character transfer has been initiated

Confirmed transfer received

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