WTS Cross Training PvP Char 9mill SP

  • Date of Birth - 26-05-2020
  • Skill Points - 9,081,788
  • Bonus Remaps - 2 Available
  • Security Status - 0.2
  • +4 Implants
  • Located in Jita 4-4
  • Cool Name
  • Clean Employment History
  • 3 Jump Clones Available
  • 16 Permanent Skins

I will receive ISK. I will pay Transfer Fee.

4bill Buy Out


4 b only today

Send the 4bill and mail accout to be sent to …i will transfer the char straight away

To late, I don’t have access to my computer anymore. Will buy next weekend if still available

no problem mate


3b offer

Money 4b has been sent

I will send the account name in the evening

Thank you i will get straight on it i am in EU TZ which is the same as EvE time at the moment

account sent, thanks

Character has been transferred you should have it after downtime please contact me if there are any problems

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