WTS Trader/Miner/Manufacturer 38.2Msp

(Ellen Tivianne) #1

Can pilot Freighter, has nearly all trade skills, many level 5 resource processing skills, lots of production, and more. Bonus remap is available, jump clones are out there. Character is transferring from Jita I imagine with a positive isk balance. Make me an offer. Sale is available until I get bored.

Eve Board

(Maizie Fields) #2

30 bil

(jim davis Miromme) #3


(jim davis Miromme) #4

where’s my character

(jim davis Miromme) #5

I’ve sent the money but no character yet

(jim davis Miromme) #6

Sorry I’ve sent isk and am awaiting transfer

(RedBull Tobacco) #7


(Ellen Tivianne) #8

God you’re annoying. Actually send the money and tell me the account you want it at. I’ll wait.

(jim davis Miromme) #9

I already sent you the money

(jim davis Miromme) #10

sorry she sent me an email

(jim davis Miromme) #11


(jim davis Miromme) #12

smack yohass is the character on the account

(Ellen Tivianne) #13

I don’t have the money.

(jim davis Miromme) #14

yes you do
I sent it to you and you sent me an email about a contract for plex I’m filling out a ticket with ccp I have a screen shot of it

(Big Pops) #15

Just in case this whole thing doesnt go through, I’ll bid 30b.

(Big Pops) #16

Agreed to in game, isk and mail sent.

(system) #17

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