WTS 38m JF pilot - Trader - T2 Production


Selling my trade alt.
Eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Dameon_MidNight
Password: 1234

Good trade skills.
Good Production skills.
Great Jump skills.
Cybernetics V.
Good Production skills.
Good invention skills.

Positive sec status.
Positive wallet.
Located in highsec.
NPC Corporation.

Starting bid 30b

30 bil!

gonna need a bit more. Perfect jump skills :smiley:

30.5b offer

31b offer


32 bil


Auction ends tonight at 19.00.
5 min rule.





Then please do so, @Dameon_MidNight

Character now in NPC Corp.

Highest bid 35b.

Winner if still valid.

Yeah will sort on my lunch break austz

isk and account name sent

ISK Received with Acc info.
Character transfer started.

Character Transfer Initiated

Dear *****

You have chosen to transfer the character Dameon MidNight to the account named *******

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