WTS Trader/production/DST pilot. SP 10.4mil

SkillQ.net - Blane Frear

Trader/production/DST pilot.

SP 10.4mil.

B/O 11Bil - Starting bid min 5bil

2 x re-maps available.

+4 attribute implants.

26,500 Eve marks

NPC corp (might still show old corp on SkillQ.net ATM but is in NPC now if you check ingame).

Will be located in Jita 4-4 at time of transfer.

No Kill rights.

No Jump clones.

Positive wallet balance.

Skills are not viewable

Sorry, hopefully it works now.

5b bid

Any caldari rep?

Brokers fee is 1.51% in Jita

7 Bil

I was hoping for more :slight_smile:

Come fly with me, lets fly, lets fly away.

Still want to sell!!

8 Bil

Offer accepted, once I receive the ISK I will make the character transfer :slight_smile:

Isk and account info sent

Great, Transferred made, should take around 10 hours to complete. Let me know if any problems,

Character received