SOLD: WTS 5.3Mil SP Station Trader Lvl 1 Mnmtr Mssn

Ask Price 5 Bill, I pay the CCP costs

Trader with 129 available orders and ask range of full region.
2,681,922 ISK <- Will come with the character
No Kill Rights on Character
No Jump Clones
Onga X - Moon 11 - CreoDron Warehouse
Pod Only
5,346,940 Skill Points
No Implants
Can fly Minmatar projectile frig and destroyer - Level 1 missions. Daily Skill points able.
14 Days from Minmatar Industrial V
Good Social
Fair Shield/Armor/Engineering

I will purchase

Send 5B to and I’ll initiate the transfer. This is my first sale, so I’m assuming I then:

  1. Transfer out the isk
  2. Intiate the character transfer from acct mgt
  3. Pay the money
  4. Wait 10 Hours for the thing to finalize.
    Sound about right?

Yes, and post here when xfer begun, and I will post from the char when received. Isk sent to

Character transfer has been initiated.

" Receipt

20 Oct 2019 03:09

EVE Character transfer"

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confirmed received, thanks

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