Minmatar Batllecruiser V
Minmatar Battleship V
Minmatar Destroyer V
Minmatar Cruiser V
Cov Ops V

Positive wallet balance.
No killrights.
Located in Highsec

starting bid 45B
B/O 50

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Confirming I am for sale.

i offer 45B

48 & it’s a deal.

ok,isk will soon be ready

Rgr that. Send name of account you want character transferred to along with Isk.

Will post back here once initiated. Im around so will be instant.

This account is ready for transportation,isk is ready.I hope it will be finish ASAP.
Thank you.

Ready once received.

Have you finished the deal? Can I take part in it?

Yes you can

No isk received, char is still open for sale.

hmmmmm,so i just give you 48b then that’s the deal?i am a noob cha_trader

okay,fine.which account shall i give isk to you

Yes, rules are you send to the character you are buying the isk. You ingame mail me your account name that you want me to send this character to.

  1. You send jubah Musanji the isk
  2. You mail me the username of the account you want me to transfer the charcter to
  3. I initiate the transfer & pay for it.

isk have been send to your character,check it,please send this character to this account.

Isk received, thank you.

Confirm the username of the account you want me to send the char is gouhanjian2?

gouhanjian2 - Target username not found.

Mate you must tell me the username to the account that you use to log in so I can begin the transfer.

Feel free to mail me ingame or here.

gouhanjian2 you need to send your account name to Jubah Musanji in an in-game mail as he/she can’t use your character name.

thanks,but i have sent my account to he\she in game

Contacted customer support. I’ve travelled away for the weekend.

When I am initiating transfer it is saying please select a character even though I have.

Will keep you posted.

Rgr that.Enjoy your weekend.