WTS 80M SP Sub Cap PVP character with cool name!

NPC corp
500 isk wallet balance.
some kill rights. check this link Imgur: The magic of the Internet
0.4 sec status
in Jita
80m sp 90% in pvp sub cap
Quantum Anomaly

I have beat Eve time to move on. :slight_smile:

65b offer

66B offer

thank you for offers will accept highest after giving this another 24 hours.



66B offer

offer accepted. please send isk and account info. thanks.

edit - offered expired.

I just woke up and saw the post. I doubt whether I can make an offer now. Would like to offer 68 b if possible

going to give Demosinos about 8 hours (overnight for me) if no isk by morning I will accept your offer and assume they are not interested.

Isk and Account info sent

account transfer process aknowleged, many thanks

ok… i didn’t realize i could not login after the transfer started during the 10 hour window. I did not transfer the isk to my other character!! lol help. :slight_smile: Can either a GM or you send the isk to King ov Hell character please. omg lol… my bad. King ov Hell is the character I want the isk sent to… lol not awake yet and first time selling.

not a problem, message support and let them know. Send an ingame email in response to the chara i sent you the isk from with the character you would like me to send it to.

ok thanks greatly appreciated. in game email sent from King ov Hell character I want isk sent to. sorry! lol. thanks.

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Char transfer complete, I have sent isk from Kain Bodom to char King ov Hell. you can close the sale o7

thanks honorable sale! Cheers.

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nice doing business with you and best of luck