WTS Industry character 9.5mil SP

Hello! I’m selling myself.

Skill - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Miner_Ranger2

  • 9.3mil SP
  • 250.000 Extra Skill points
  • +5 Implants
  • Neutral sec status
  • Positive wallet
  • No kill rights
  • NPC Corp
  • High sec location

B/o 7Bil

5.5 bill

Thanks for bid!

Daily up

Daily up

Bid 6 bil Isk On hand

If you meant 6 billion ISK - then accepted, waiting for ISK transfer.

One second. I have a similar offer from another person right now. Also I have never bought a char before, do I just send you the isk?

ISK and account name where to transfer. Account name is better to send privately for security reasons. In case trade wasn’t completed - write ticket to support to resolve the situation.

Do I send as a mail ingame? I’ll you a definitive answer within 4 hours on whether ill buy or not

Yeah, you can do it ingame for sure. I’ll be only for next 3 hours…

Ill try to see if I can decide within 2 hours. Hes not replying on discord. If he does not reply Ill buy then…

Alright, send some message on current topic when you will ready.

Question: You pay transfer fees right?

Seller pay always. @darkislife_zhang If you still will be interested to buy character - wait me until tomorrow. Fly safe o/

i can get on in around 1 hr but yea ill wait ^^

@Miner_Ranger2 ISK and details sent through alt char

In progress

So uh do I get a notification when its done or something? Also how long does it usually take?

You will receive email notification that transfer was started. The process is 10 hours, but in my case it will take longer due to make transfer through support ticket. Because I’m paying transfer with 1000 PLEXes (instead of 20$).