WTS 5.5m SP & 5.6m SP Miner/Hulk/Ice/GREAT SKILLS

Sayuri Orle
Starting bid 3.5B. B/O 6B

Raphaella Athonille
Starting bid 3.5B. B/O 6B
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Raphaella_Athonille Starting

Both characters are turn key ice & ore miners ready to go!
Located in Jita

Confirming that I am for sale.

Confirming that I am for sale!

ill take both off your hands if they still there friday… please message me then

i forgot to mention 5b ea lol

Dragon’s Flame. Sounds good, I can do 5B each.

at the time of this message it is 12:22 am. i will be on around 6pm or so my time that iwll give me time to setup my accounts to be able to recieve :slight_smile:

Good deal! Both Characters are pending to Dragon’s Flame.

soooo i need to know the process this is my first time buying lol im going to read the sticky thread in a sec

Its been ahwile for me too but basically you send the 5B to each character that your buying then confirm it here in the thread. I will confirm that I received the isk, move isk and will initiate the transfer. I think it takes 24 hours for you to receive the character IRC. As soon as I do the transfer I will also confirm that here in thread. Once the transfer is complete we confirm that in the thread and thats it! :slight_smile:

ok awesome we will get the ball rolling! one last question. dont u need account info or do i have to send you the isk from the account that is reciving the character

Yes I will, when you send the isk just send the Character a mail in game with the account name.

message me ingame i am online

i have sent both characters 5bil please confirm

I confirm Isk received and character transfer has begun: ID47186486 5/15/2020 11:35:57 PM UTC


I confirm isk received transfer has begun: 47186534 5/15/2020 11:43:26 PM UTC

Enjoy the the miners, thanks again!

Oops, just noticed your post to hit you up in game . You can send Austin’s Weird a message in game and I’d be happy to answer any questions.

I as well can confirm I received emails on both transfers

I will hit you up when I get home I have only a few questions I won’t bug you much

transfer is complete on both characters