ALL SOLD (Transfers in progress/waiting on same account character transfers to clear)----WTS 3 Characters 5.3m SP - 1 Mining Skills/2 Reactions/PI Skills

All have positive wallet balance
All have 0 kill rights
All have 0 jump clones
All are located in Jita 4-4
All have 2 remaps available
All have Cyber 5/Biology 5
All have memory/intelligence +5 implants

Buyout of 5.3b each.

Character 1 - Mining barge/Ice Mining (5,358,011sp)

Character 2 - Reaction/PI Skills (5,398,000sp)

Character 3 - Reaction/PI Skills (5,396,114sp)

Confirming I am for sale.

Confirming I am for sale.

Confirming I am for sale.

5 Billion for Hazard F Inkura
5 Billion for Hazard E Inkura

I accept your offer of 5 billion for each of the 2 characters. I just need you to send an evemail and 5b isk to each character, “hazard e inkura” and “hazard f inkura”, with the account which you want them transferred to.

Isk and account information sent to both toons.

5 Billion for Hazard D Inkura

Transfer for F is in process.

Transfer for Hazard E is waiting on transfer of Hazard F to complete.

Since all three characters are on the same account there might be a delay in the transfer of the others.

Sinister Stone I will accept your offer if you’re able to wait for these transfers to clear.

I’ll give 5 bil for Hazard D

i can wait

Alright. I think I should be able to transfer the character probably a little over 24 hours from now due to the 10 hour transfer times for each character I’m transferring to the other person. I’m guessing around 6pm cst tomorrow I can start the transfer for Hazard D. If this is acceptable just reply here.

That’s fine, I will send account info and isk now.

Received transfermail for F, thanks look forward to getting E tomorrow

Received isk for Hazard D and will initiate transfer once the other characters transfers clear. Estimated to be around 6pm cst tomorrow.

Hazard F recieved

Just initiated the Hazard E transfer and will start the Hazard D transfer in roughly 10 hours from now.

Finished transferring Hazard E/F and just initiated the transfer of Hazard D.

Received Hazard E, thanks.

Transfer email received, thanks.