WTS 2003 85,483,812 SP


Unallocated skills 2,472,280
I will pay the transfer fee
Transfer with 15b assets at the same time
Currently docked at Hati V - Moon 1 - Ducia Foundry Mineral Reserve
No company
Minimum Price: 65 Bill
Buyout: 75 Bill

70 bil

Can you add 2b or so? please reply

Sure, 72 bil

This price is very satisfactory, I will send the id. When you pay me I will start transferring immediately.

Please send isk to: Shearaaaa. Please let me know when it is finished.

Sorry, I can not send to a different character than the one I am buying.

You can transfer the ISK to your other character before making the transfer.

So, you will send the isk to me St Geordie but I don’t want to transfer. Because Shearaaaa is also the character of my account.

Yes. I send the ISK to St Geordie and you send the ISK from St Geordie to your other character before making the transfer.

Is this safe?

These are the rules - Welcome to the Character Bazaar

Point A.3.

Ok, please send to: St Geordie

All done. ISK and acc info sent

Please wait a moment, isk I have received. I will transfer back first.

Sure. No problem, if you have any questions just chat me in-game.

Please tell me what account you use to charge the role.

I’ve sent the details to St Geordie, can fwd the eve-mail to Shearaaaa as well.

The character has already started to transfer, starting at 08 Mar 2019 11:01. It will arrive at the account you sent in 10 hours. Please let me know when it is finished.

If you receive this message, please reply.

Confirmed - I’ve received the transfer message. Thank you!