Wts 2003 char, combat 70mil, funky name


How much you want for it?

42 bill now?

43 b’s

45B Ready

offer 46B

47 b’s

48 Billions


61 Billions

63b offer

Hey there. I accept your offer. Tell me how we do this.

I will send you 63B and you transfer the character to my account, i will send you eve mail on where account to transfer.

Transfer fee is paid by you.

Do you know how to do this all? want to proceed?

I am sorry but I never done this before. I own just this account and toon, I am the original owner. Please explain to me, if you wish, how to proceed.

After i send you isk and eve mail in where account to transfer the character, you need to login in EVE website go to services and click transfer character, and you will transfer it to account i sent you and you will pay 20$ to CCP for the transfer fee.

ok, let’s do this. send me the mail in game. cash transfer to Goth Maul .

We must follow rules, isk will be sent to for sale character only then its you who will transfer isk to wherever you want and then transfer the char to my account after you made sure no more isk or assets left.

Please Read


I see now, sorry didn’t knew the rules. Tauren has positive wallet balance no kill rights to or from anyone and i’ll clean up the assets.

Ok let me know when you cleared your assets and ready for transfer.


ok I am ready.