Private sale (sold)

Private sale 3.8bn.

you have to follow the rules laid out by ccp, or its a deal breaker, sorry . Welcome to the Character Bazaar

and you have to pay the character transfer fee. the isk gets sent to the account im buying and you transfer it to your alt. Have you done this before? No offense?
Char in NPC corp.
Wallet 300k
No kill rights
One jump clone in beta
Char located in jita

cool man, I appreciate it. Send me ingame email from AM FUROR to confirm and I will confirm here when I transfer 3.8 bil

Email sent

Payment recieved. PM account so I can transfer

3.8 billion isl Transferred.

please advise when transfer started and thank you Will send ingame to AM Furor with account details


you need just the account name and email correct if I recall

Just says account name. Not sure if there is a follow on screen

account name sent

i think yo need email as well…let me know, may have to take my own advice and read the rules again

Transfer started

thank you for selling. much appreciated

Thank you.

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