Positive wallet
4.2 security status
No kill rights
Short corp history
Decent name
LVL 4 mission runner with SOE,
Old char

Plenty to do with this char.

Price is 50b

This is my char, isk will be sent to this one, transfer will be done via Plex so please note this.

Thank you

Apologies for the other thread, it was in two forums and was getting confusing.

A link showing your skills would be good…

Updated, I was just updating and getting rid of other threads, wasn’t used to the forums. Thanks

transfer via PELX would make it longer to get the nice guy.
I bid 49b for him and can wait the transfer delay.
If you can make a deal, I would send isk immediately.

Thank you for your offer, it sounds to me you will use him and not destroy him so I will accept your offer, please send isk and an eve mail with the account name you wish him to go to.

I’m at work at the moment so when I finish and get home in the morning I will start the process straight away.


I will update on here once i have done everything to start transfer

yep, I won’t destroy him and will take care of him.
Already send isk to you and eve mail the account name.
Now, let’s see the speed of GM, lol.
Have a nice day and fly safe in game bro.

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Ok brilliant, haha yeh let’s see :slight_smile:

Ticket as been made, just awaiting the GM to transfer

Already receieve character, thanks a lot to seller and GM.
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