Hi there, I am up for sale [SOLD]

The char is what i wang, i can pay for 65B

isk is ready. can we trade?

Willing to let go for 75b for a quick sale. Your ingame offer has been noted though.

ok I have already paid 75b

75b offer has been accepted awaiting isk and account name for transfer on peyerate.

I use William XxX account to Peyerate account. I will pay 75B

I have already paid 75B( use William XxX)

Isk recieved awaiting evemail containing account name for security purposes


account name recieved. Thank you for the sale, and please enjoy. Starting character transfer momentarily.

Account has been transfered please enjoy.

Check your email. Eve character transfer takes on average 10 hours or so.

Also my dumb ass forgot to transfer isk to a different character. Starting a ccp ticket.

well wait for that

Issue reguarding isk has been resolved, The character was taken out of transfer. I’m assuming the it will go back into transfer after the ticket is closed. Thank you for your patience, and sorry for the delay.

When will the character come to my account?

Character has been re transferred it’s on it’s way. check your email for verification please.

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