SOLD Selling 2008 character

Sold, accepted offer from Liam Karnwield, character in transfer.

I’d offer 2.5bil.

3b? Ready to transfer

My 2.5bil offer still stands.

fyi, it cost seller 3b just to transfer…

I thought it was half of that. 1.3b

ok accepted. if you do it withing the hour i’ll transfer char today.

Sorry I wasn’t able to do it then, was at work. Isk and account name will be transfered in the next few minutes.

Isk transferred and account username sent through EVE mail.

Ok I’ll initiate transfer as soon as I get home in about 3 hours if that is ok.

Yep, that’ll work. :slight_smile:

Character being transferred.

Notified of transfer. Thank you and fly safe! :slight_smile:

You too.

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