5m SP Cyber 5

For sale.

Just under 5m sp
Cyber 5

Not negative wallet balance.
No kill rights.
No Jump clones.
Character in Hisec.

Starting bid 4.5b

Will be using Plex transfer.


Thanks for the offer.
If no higher bids in 24 hours then its yours.


5 flat.



Another 4 hours when I get home and it is yours if no higher bids.

Yeah, this is my 1st character transfer, looking to fill another account of mine. Not sure if this matters or not.

As long as there i a free slot on the account name you give, there shouldnt be any problems.

cool beans, I’ll wait patiently for you to come home.

Send ISK and account info now, can remote desktop to transfer.

I didn’t realize there was a wait period on deleting characters.

We can wait the 10 hours or I can pull my bid out. Your call Very sry.

Will send isk and account name as soon as characters are deleted.

Ok, ready for transfer when you are.

Let me know when you have sent the isk and account name.

yup, will do tonight when I get home

Isk and eve mail sent to account with details.

awaiting transfer.

Ticket submitted. Transfer will happen when they get to it.

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