SP farming / starter PVP 5mil character

(KotKot Yeva) #1

this is the character sheet: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/KotKot_Yeva
4,975,867 SP when made this post.
105k unllocated SP which is kinda good.
2 remaps can be used right away.
positive wallet, located in jita, no kill rights no jump clones
ill do transfer by plex, so it might be taking longer time as i read somewhere.

hopefully we do good deal.

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(HeyYouNotYouYou) #2


(XeroHedge) #3


(KotKot Yeva) #4

thanks for the offers, current high bid belongs to @XeroHedge

(Boogle Man) #5

I’ll offer 4.2b

(KotKot Yeva) #6

anyone can get higher to 4.5 b ? then the auction will end pretty fast.

(KotKot Yeva) #7


(Tozi Nurrunk) #8

4.5b. Offer good until I log off.

(KotKot Yeva) #9

offer accepted. send the details so i start the transfer please.

(KotKot Yeva) #10

i instantly answered you, but you never replied. auction still open.

(Tozi Nurrunk) #11

Sending ISK and account information now.

(KotKot Yeva) #12

CCP didn’t accept my CC, tho i used it several times on its website, ISK returned. sorry for the inconvenience.

(Tozi Nurrunk) #13

Interesting. I didn’t know you needed a CC for a PLEX transfer.

(KotKot Yeva) #14

i needed the isk, and to free a spot on my account. so i changed my mind about the plex. im sorry for that

(Harold Crane) #15

is this offer still valid?

(TheDancer Girl) #16

4,5bil if its still available

(KotKot Yeva) #17

please delete/close.
i will start another thread as this got too old. thanks

(system) #18

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