WTS 60M SP PVE character

Sell myself
Skillpoints total 60,467,483
assigned SP 59,778,757
unassigned SP 688,726

Wallet balance :100M
No Kill rights
Jump clones :in highsec spac
Character location : Jita 4-4
JDC V ,A Jump FreightersV,Minmatar Freighter IV
one +5 implant set
Bidding Starts:30B

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Your link is not working, check if it’s set to private.
I can buy for 25B right now if you’d like to proceed.

36 bil

35b B/O

Bump to the Top!

Highest Bid 36B
If no higher bids in the next 2 days arrive, it is yours



Sold to Tangarchik Ru for 36B

I send you an ingame Mail

isk and account info sent, please start the transfer process

ISK received :white_check_mark:
Character Transfer started :white_check_mark:
Character Transfer payed :Processing

Estimated End of Transfer 19-Dec-2022 10:52

it’s been more than 10 hours since you said you started the transfer process. i have not received the character yet. something probably went wrong. can you check and give me an update? thanks!

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Any update on your request?

Sorry bor,I remember that a long time ago, I could use 1000 PLEX to pay the transfer fee. I had to wait seven days.
Now the payment has been completed,Estimated End of Transfer 13-Dec-2022 13:50(+0 UTC)

paying with PLEXes is no longer an option. thanks for getting this going…

36b for me