WTS 69.5M SP - Mostly PURE PVP/PVE

69.5+ mil skill points


T2 Large Guns Arties
Minmatar Dread (Training tactical weapon Lv5)
Carrier Thanatos (Specialized high skills fighters 5)
Jump Frieghter pilot with jump calibration 4
T3 Cruisers 5
Inty 5
Good drone skills and great standings with Calderi Navy 8.43+ with side trading skills.

3+ inplants
1 remap
In high-sec Jita
5.00+ sec status
1 kill right 22days left

NPC corp
Positive wallet

I will pay transfer fee.
Starting bid: 40b
Buy out: 55b


we can make it a 42B/O if you are interested

Else 40B offer

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Bid offer accepted 40b. I will leave the new auction post running longer for anymore bids. Looking for more really.

42b is ready

Buyout lowered to 50b who ever can get close wins. Im planning on ending this auction tomorrow.

Best i can do is 45

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buyout 45b deal Oetake. Send isk and account name to me in game and i will pay transfer fee.

confirm when done. Thanks

Isk and account info sent

Morning, logging on now to check then ill do the transfer.

Tried im getting this message test1
(Target user has too many characters) Please make sure you have a empty character slot on the account name you mailed me in game then get back to me and ill try again.

my bad new account sent in game sorry for the inconvenience

All done - You have to wait 10 hours i think for the character transfer now to see it on your account. Hope Su-34 goes to a good home enjoy!

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