SP farming / starter PVP 5mil

this is the character sheet: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/KotKot_Yeva

  • 4,887,426 SP when made this post.
  • 358,197 unllocated SP.
  • 2 remaps can be used right away.
    positive wallet, located in jita, no kill rights no jump clones.

bid starts 4b, BO 5b

hopefully we do good deal.


3.6 billion

too low, sorry

still for sale. woot woot

4 billion

hopefully i can get more, come one guys…

no more ?

still for sale.

bid higher. give me BO and take it.

buy me.

still, waiting to sell.

selling still

4bil offer.

4.5b and transfer now ? it have more unallocated SP.

Sorry, 4b is my max offer.

still for sale.


4b offer still valid.

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