WTS 5Mil SP pilot

Jolly Good Mate is for sale. I haven’t used the character in a long time and hope someone can get some use out of him

Looking for 2.5bil

Pos wallet balance
No kill rights
Clone located in Jita 4/4
has 4x basic implants (+3s) - no charisma
charcater located in Jita 4/4
has remaps
positive wallet

Will pay fee

You need to make the required disclosures in Section C on CCP’s character selling rules post; you can find that here Welcome to the Character Bazaar - Marketplace / Character Bazaar - EVE Online Forums

Sorry about that. Have I made the correct amendments?

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daily bump?

2.5b bid

I accept. Can you evemail in game so we can start the process

ok will contact you

all set check email and money send to this char

Will be logging on shortly to send character over. I apologize, I’ve been working.

Hi there,

I am unable to transfer this character due to it saying

“Target user is already involved in a character transfer.”

It appears your account is already involved in a character transfer at this time?

mhmm ok that’s true - sorry for the inconvenience - can you try tomorrow again the current transfer should be completed by tomorrow 8am est - at least this is what ccp announced. Or let me just drop another msg here when you can proceed - thats ok? sorry again I wasn’t aware of that only one transfer is permitted by ccp…

That’s no problem. I’ll send him over tomorrow morning for you. I also work tomorrow until quite late (UK time), but I’ll try and transfer this character over as soon as I can

you might try again - the pending transfer should be completed by now

Character is being sent over now. Transfer should finish 10 hours from this post

I confirm the character transfer was completed successfully.

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