WTS 68 mil sp char

(Demonside) #1


I will be available to transfer the day of.

make a offer

(xalongskam) #2

Please read the rules, you need to post with the character being sold, be in an NPC corp, give info about sec status, wallet status etc.

(Demonside) #3

yes sorry.

give me a time and i do all :slight_smile:

(Demonside) #4



Sec status 5.0

wallet positive, about 1,5 mil isk

location in station high sec metropolis

have one jump clone and about 1 bil of augmentations

Now is in NPC corp

no kill rights


starting big 45 bil buyout 55 bil

(xalongskam) #5

I will give you the 55B B/O if you post on this thread with the character Jay_King that you accept the offer.

(Jay King) #6

Im Demonside and i accept your offer

(Demonside) #7

It’s ok? :slight_smile:

(Demonside) #8

if there are no better offers I accept yours;)

(IChooseYou) #9

I can do 53b now

(Demonside) #10

For now xalongskam win :slight_smile: i wait one day

(xalongskam) #11

55B ISK was sent to Jay King, please move it from there yourself. Account name was also sent in a message to Jay King ingame.

(Demonside) #12

ok, now im at work, when im at home i transfer pg to your account

(xalongskam) #13

okay, no problem

(Demonside) #15

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Jay King

Will be completed after: 6/12/2018 11:28:20 PM

(xalongskam) #16

Confirmation mail received, thank you!

(system) #17

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