WTS 4.8m SP char for sale Very good char with alot of level 5 skills (SOLD)

Looking to sell me

-Located in Jita 4-4
-Positive Wallet
-Positive Sec Status
-2 Remaps Available


Starting BID and Buyout 4.5B

i offer 4.5 bill

Send isk and account info and i will begin transfer

i send isk and mail accname.

Transfer started VIA CCP…

-Topic Marked as SOLD now

you no started transfer

Transfers take up to 10 hours to complete

No email is confirmed and i no see account manager.

I sent everything to CCP for charecter Transfer so they will handle it since i use plex to transfer and not pay 20.00


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Yesterday at 18:41

1000 plex in Plex Vault

acc name
From: Portosz
Sent: 2019.02.05 01:33
To: Xepa,


They havent read the ticket yet but they will and they will verify the transfer

Alright for me.

Thank you!

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