WTS x4 Char char total 230m Sp

Wts x4 pilots, if bought together can arrange a better price.

EveSkillboard 89+m sp Password 1234

EveSkillboard - mothmamon 54.4m sp

EveSkillboard - Janerium 53m sp

EveSkillboard - Chunkycheese 37.3m sp

Can post with each char when a buyer is ready.

Any Questions please ask.

All characters in NPC corp.

All have positive wallet & sec status.

Mail Sent.

blankface ISK and account info sent!!

Isk received & Character transfer initiated to account name sent in game.

I accept offer in game, will be online all day.

I accept offer in game, will be online all day.

I accept offer in game, will be online all day.

70 bill for all three pilots Chunkycheese, mothmamon and Janerium

I have an offer of 90b if you want to meet that.

75 is all i can offer

85 for a quick sale.

77 and i can sent isk like now

80B my good man if you can send now & we have ourselves a deal.

30 to mothmamon
30 to Janerium
20 to Chunkycheese

If u accept i will send:
29bill to mothmamon
29bill to Janerium
20bill to Chunkycheese
and will give u one acc for all toons

Spits on hand - Go on then.

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isk sent to separate pilots accordingly as ccp rules requires
acc name: kaaputam for all 3 pilots

15 min down time as we speak, will log in soon as finished to send isk to an alt then I will immediately begin the x3 char transfer. Will post here once initiation has begun.

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Chunkycheese transfer initiated, it appears I can only move one char at a time.

Janerium / mothmamon read your mail pleas.

Transfer for Janerium initiated.