WTS Amarr Pilot 98m

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I can pay 67B for your character

Hey, my offer 68B
Isk ready!

Moscare Bathana I take the 68b offer.

Let me know the account where to transfer the char.

The offer was made on behalf of Michael Gogolowski who was unavailable yesterday and will confirm the offer in a moment.

I confirm my offer of 68 bil. Isk.

Confirm the acceptance of my offer and I will send you 68 b Isk to your character.

Confirmed, once you transfered the 68b and sent me your account i will immediatly initiate the transfer.

I did a 68b transfer for your character.
I sent an in-game info with the name of the my account for be transferred.
When you start the transfer, give me info.
Regards, Michael

Everything worked perfect. Thanks Michael

Character transfer was initiated - have fun with the char!

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