Sold. -------
If you are interested, you can contact me or reply to me.
To tell you the truth, I don’t know how much it’s worth.
Let’s make an offer.:D

Pity you pulled all non-Amarr skills…

It was all there, but I pulled some of it.
Because these two ships are armored.

20 bil


Thanks for your participation, if there are no other competitors, I will sell at the price you say.

Until September 25th.

24 bil

Thank you so much for the show.:D

25 b/o now

It’s getting closer to September 25th:D

27 bil


Finally to the 25th, if there is no problem, this fair will be held in 12 hours.

Congratulations, @Ida_Nozomi.

@Ida_Nozomi If there is no problem, please make a payment and I will transfer it after the payment is confirmed, please note to check the email。
The most important thing, when paying remember to tell me your account

Money Sent, please confirm

Confirmed, you should tell me your account number at the same time at the same time, so I will send you the first time

Please send me your account number and send it with your payment role.
in the game,use email ,thanks.

Since, you don’t specific who pay the transfer, i assumed you pay the transfer fee, if i have to pay the

additional transfer fee on top of 27 bil isk i paid. I would like to reject the transaction and have full refund as the character is already over priced.

One alternative way to perform transaction without using credit card is plex, prepare 1000 plex in account and send letter to request transfer to customer serivce.

I would like to see the prove of transaction or have refund within a day or i will have to report GM for this issue


Character Transaction Method for reference