WTS - 5mil sp (435 not allocated)

I am for sale
Positive wallet
Positive standings
3 remaps
All CCP rules apply
I will pay transfer

Start bid - 3bil
BO - make one

Still for sale

still for sale

3b B/O

Send isk and account info and I will start the transfer

ISK Sent & Account Name sent as well.

You need to evemail through the account name for the transfer it I use the character that did the deposit I get "Target user not found or not active. "

Sorry, bro. You can transfer the chara again. This time will be good.

nope, still the same, I will leave the character logged in till I go to work, maybe convo me there

Transfer started, Thanks

I just found I sent the message to another guy. :rofl: pls check the “in game email” and you should get my account name correctly.