SOLD - Gallente starter character

Awesomely witty name; meet Chew You Foo !

  • Core skills trained as much as they can be on an alpha
  • 493k SP unallocated
  • In Jita
  • Positive wallet
  • 0.0 sec status

Start bid 3b ISK, 5b ISK buyout.

Grab a bargain :slight_smile:

4b ready let’s go friend!

3b offer

Aren’t offers genearlly supposed to go up?!

Haha Xd

I’m more inclined to go with 4b than 3b, tbh. So. @yongeeee … SOLD!

Let me know when you’ve transferred the ISK, and let me know the destination account, so I can pay for the account transfer.

Where can I send money?
I have no purchasing experience.

Chew you foo < isk send?

Yes you just send isk to character being sold

Then send an evemail with the name of the account you want that character transferred to.

Hi, I have sent you 4 bills. Please transfer the character to this account.
I sent you a mail

thank you for telling me

Hi @yongeeee, you have to provide the account name for the character to transfer to. This is not the character name, as tehre are 3 characters per account. The account name is the thing that you click on the EVE Launcher, NOT your email address, the account name. Please send me that in-game, or I cannot initiate the transfer.

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Something like “Please transfer the character to bob1234 account”

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I understood. Is it possible to send the login ID to the in-game email?

that is so posed to be where you send it.

I’m sorry, I’m at work, I’ll send you an email in 8 hours.

@Chew_You_Foo hello friend, I sent you a mail from inside the eve!!

Got it, transfer initiated.

@Chew_You_Foo Does it take a long time to send?