WTS Gallente Starter character

Chew You Foo

  • Core skills trained as much as they can be on an alpha
  • 493k SP unallocated
  • In Jita
  • Positive wallet
  • 0.0 sec status

Start bid 2b ISK, 3b ISK buyout.

Grab a bargain :slight_smile:

You are getting less than the character transfer cost thou? Transfer cost is $20 which is equal to 2 billion isk if you buy plex off the store.

1 isk

Thanks, I’ll amend minimum.

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3mil isk


2b, expires in 24 hours

oops. I wish these forums notified of replies!

I’ll take it if the offer is still there :smiley:

Alright. What’s the next step?

EVE mail in-game with the account you want me to send the toon to, and the 2b ISK to Chew You Foo.

I’ll then pay for the character transfer.


Bid withdrawn.




2 isk

Hello, is this sitll for sale?

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