SOLD Selling Starter PVP alpha character 5m SP

Location: HS - Pator. NPC corp. No kill rights or jump clones. ISK balance positive.

buyout reduced - 2.75 bil isk.


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I am probably interested. When I get out of work at like 5pm est I will look at buying plex so I can sell it for isk. I also want a friend to look at the character but it looks decent.

I keep wanting to join a friend’s corp but I get bored in lowsec. I feel so much progression in high sec. I think the fix is to buy a pvp char. Like someone good at frigates and electronic warfare.

i will take if for 1b

Hi Df00z, very good! Thanks for your interest - standing by.

Crud, I am sorry. I checked with the corp mate, their corp calls for Gelente and Caldari ships. I would have to retrain a bunch of stuff. It is a good price though.

Understood, appreciate the interest. Cheers.

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Hello, 2B

Sorry, no - but I appreciate your interest.

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I accept that offer.