WTS 29m SP Miner,Orca, Mining Barge T2

Positive wallet. No kill rights.
In highsec
npc corp
Starting bid: 15b
B/O 20b

Offer 18Bil B/O ISK ready to go for a quick sale!

ok. I’ll take that bet
waiting for account information and isk

ISK/Account name sent!

isk received. the character is sent. Thanks

Perfect, thanks for a quick transaction!

Hi, can you confirm the character has been sent. As I have not received any notification that the process has started and no sign of the character yet.


I believe this is the same person from this thread…

I say that based on the same exact reply of…‘isk received. the character is sent. Thanks’.

I opened a ticket, and the GM reserved the isk transfer just a bit ago.

I would open a support ticket.

@ Aphrodite_Auscent

Thanks for the input, I’ll do that now so.

16 bil

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