SOLD WTS 14,299,110 SP Orca Pilot

Starting bid: 10B
Located in Jita
Positive wallet
No kill rights
0.0 Security status
Member of an NPC Corporation
+4 implants
Command burst specialist 5
Fleet command 4
Mining director 5
Mining foreman 5
Wing command 5

I offer 9B

Thank you, but i cannot go below starting bid.

Up up up

Up up up

10b ?

Up up up

offering 10 bill…

Par0dy , go 11 bil and it is yours

your opening bid was 10… 5 days ago and you wanna push for more !?

10b bin

Offer accepted, Par0dy, send isk and account details. Thank you

I can offer 10.5B, I don’t know the guy offer 10b is still wanna buy or not. So if u accept my offer and trade now, I can sent you the isk and account now.

isk sent and account name sent

Transfer will complete on 4/2/2023 2:05:03 AM. Please confirm when done. Thank you

Well, considering the lack of confirmation, i assume all is good.
Character sold, thank you.

sorry, yea, all good :slight_smile:

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