UPDATED WTS June 2003 14M SP Orca Pilot

Looking to sell this character. I will be paying for transfer.

Positive Wallet
Has assets
Character is in Jita
3 Bonus Remaps
+5 INT & +5 MEM Implants, rest are +3
No kill rights
NPC Corp
No Jump Clones


Looking for 20B Isk or Best Offer

I am confirming that this character is for sale and the isk is to be sent to me.

Made a correction on amount looking for. The previous amount was fat fingered.

doubt you will get that or very close to that

i will give you the best advice i can i nthis characters case if you want to make bank with it

keep training it till its a almost maxed rorqual pilot (lvl 4 capital industrial ) and the side skills you need for it

14B OK?

I’ll transfer straight away for 15B.

I accept 15 B
Payment within 24 hours

Once I get home and the isk has been recieved, I’ll start the transfer process.

Thank you for waiting. ISK and email have been sent. Let me know when the transfer is complete

Cool. Thanks! I’m currently at work, but will start the transfer as soon as I’m home and will make a post here.

Isk recieved. Transfer has been initiated. Thank you.

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