WTS Rorq pilot 23m SP

Selling myself, trained rorq pilot with a few skills missing here and there but otherwise mostly skilled up and almost ready to go.


Character has a short corp history, positive isk balance and little to no standings also currently in Jita.

15 Billion Isk right here

18 billion ISK plz






23.5 BIL



25B can give me?

Im still in contact but nothing has been finalized so if your offer of 25b still stands, that will be the highest, if you can confirm it and no counter offer is given in the next hour it is yours.

I was fighting just now and it’s over. Should I have priority?

Actually, sorry, I did give FlyingFish William a offer to settle thus I will sell to the first agreed price of 24b, pending isk transfer.

I have paid ISK. Game account has been sent.

Character transfer began

Game characters have been received. Thanks very much.

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