WTS Orca pilot 6.5mil sp and counting

Selling: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Rockyo

  • Industrial Command Ships 5
  • T2 mining drones
  • Good namn

Positive wallet, located in highsec (Amarr) and i will pay the transfer.

Looking for bids above 6b, the character is still training skills so as long as i dont sell it the price will go up.

6.1bil B/O isk ready

Thanks for the bid, still early and i’m looking for a bit more to be honest. If noone else bids its yours :slight_smile:

6,2 b

Bump, sp is now at 6.3mil.


Bump, still taking offers! If someone offers 7b i will sell the character today.


Bump, still taking offers. Sp is still currently going up, 6.5mil at the moment.

Still for sale, 7b is the BO.


up we go, i can let the character go for 6.5bil.



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