WTS 10M SP Orca/Porpoise/Covetor Pilot


I am for sale: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Yarilon_Habalu

Some highlights:

  • T2 Mining drones
  • Mining Director & Foreman V
  • Cybernetics V
  • Mining Barge & Astrogeology V

Positive sec status & wallet
2 remaps available (next in 9 months)
Skill queue currently active, going for Indy Command Ships V

Daily bump

5b isk

Up we go

Still for sale

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Close ! Hoping for a bit more. Thanks for the bid, and bump.

Legally bumping

8bil bo offer ty.

8b offer accepted; will initiate transfer once i receive account name and payment

ill be home in about 5 hours ill send u the isk and account name as soon as im back

Great ! It’s already late in my TZ so ill look up your mail tomorrow morning, no rush.

mail sent and isk sent thankyou:)

Isk received and transfer initiated

recived pilot tyvm fly safe o7

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