WTS Orca Pilot, T2 Mining Drone, 19M SP—SOLD

Great for mining and shield boosts. T2 Mining Drones. Good salvage skills. Strong Fleet skills.
Freighter Pilot as well (Obelisk).


No kill rights.
Positive wallet balance.
In Pemene (HS)

15 billion ISK obo.

bump – reduced!

15b buyout

Deal. Send me the info and ISK and I’ll do the transfer. Thanks!

10B offer if he doesnt send isk.

Thanks, Iron D. I’m going to hold out for 15b. Let me know if you’re interested in MM for 15 and I’ll set a time limit for for the transaction.

Be safe—

Bump—still for sale

You still interested for 10b?

Best offer over 9b in the next 24 hours gets Magic Moosen. :wink:

Ill offer 9.5

Sounds good—send me the isk and the account name in game and I’ll do the transfer immediately. Thanks!

Isk and account info sent

Transfer initiated. Let me know if you have any problems—thank you!

cheers got the transfer email

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