SOLD WTS Orca Miner Occator Trader PI DST 11.5M

Hi, focusing muyself in other areas, selling this pilot, capable to mine in orca / porpoise with good mining drone specialization, can use an Occator and a Mining Barge and some ships to ratting. Has Acciounting and advanced broker relations to V.

Have too Six planets for PI, mining V, cybernetics V

I am in high sec amarr zone, no killing rights, positive wallet, a +4 clone in perimeter, i pay the transfer, all ccp rules apply. Please answer the thread if interested.

I offer 7B if you can trade today, isk is ready.

7.2 and is your, i need purchase +5 for my other toon.

ok, I accept 7.2B. I am going to send you 7.2B isk and account name ingame mail.

ok, sold, agree to sell myself at 7.2. please answer when you receive the ccp email or the pilot.

Isk and acount name received.

I update thius message when the transfer is done.

Isk and game account sent ingame mail, thanks.

Transfer Done.

character received, thanks

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