SOLD WTS Orca Miner / Exhumer IV / PI 7m SP

Selling myself.

  • He show as Exhumer III, but with remaining ponts Not used he is already Exhumer IV
  • Orca mining
  • Mining Drone specialization IV
  • Can Rat in Mymrmidon /VNI with good drones
  • Already Have planets to extract and PI in pandemic horde territory and a clone there

Is in high sec, all ccp rules apply, positive wallet, no killing rights, i transfer with credit card in Euros, then is quick.

I am not sure in price, offer here, i am not reading eve mail, if interested answer the thread.

5 billion offered

Good for me, transfer the isk and send a mail with the account and i transfer asap.

Will do give me 20 minutes,

Ok, answer the thread when ready.

Isk and account details sent ingame

Transfer Done one moment ago, please answer the thread when you receive the pilot or the CCP mail.

Thanks for the business !

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Received, thanks buddy

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