SOLD WTS Miner ORCA Exhumer IV DST 16m with 1.8m free

Hi,m i need free the space of this character

  • Blockade runner / DST minmatar
  • Exhumer IV
  • Cyber V
  • Anchoring V (The idea was make citadels next week, needa book only)
  • Mining Drone specialization IV
  • Six planets in PI
  • 1.8m without assign
  • Accounting V
  • Broker Relations V
  • Diplomacy V

Offer Decent and i sell. I know The Extractor prices and the utility i provide.
I like this pilot but need the space for reducing accounts .

Is in high sec, no killing rights, have positive wallet,

Answer the thread i am not reading eve mail.

Paying with credit card.

Today Bump

another bump

9 bil

Can be 9.2 ?

I am ready to transfer now.

Deal. Sending 9.2 billion and account information now ;=)

Ok, i begin to pass the items to other pilot.

Thank u

Offer 9.3b.

I am ready for transfer to either.

If @Maizie_Fields dont send in next 10 minutes i sell to @Nara_Gengod

ISK and account information has been sent. I have matched Nara’s 9.3 billion.

I’ll offer 12b then.

Received @Maizie_Fields.

I transfer in some minutes. Please update the thread when you receive the ccp mail.

Transfer Done one moment Ago. Thanks for the business Maizie

Transfer confirmed, thanks Marduk!

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