SOLD WTS Very Good Female Gal/Min Puller Near orca miner 8.5m

Hi, selling this pilot because account expire in three days.

This Standings are without connections

9.6796 Minmatar
7.9984 Gallenbte
ORE 4.9894
SOE 5.9468

Brutor Tribe Rens commerce corporation : 8.4

This character can be easily converted to missioner, orca miner, or trader. Is currently in mem/per because was a carrier Pilot and can be used with a little help to farm level 5 missions in low sec in a carrier.

Actually have many many books injected 296 books, and capital ships in them.

Was part of an AT team (have a medal to prove so)

8.45m points tomorrow Have 8.5

I am for sale, 640750 SP available to you, have two current +5 implants at mem/per
Is in high sec, no killing rights, positive wallet.

Can use a mining barge too

Answer the thread, dont reading EVe mail

8.5 Bil
and i can start everything aprox 22:00eve time.
How copy?

Look good, if nobody offer some better, Is for you.

Answer when ready to do the trade.

9b offer

Sold if you send the 9b. Answer the thread when account and isk sent. Deliver when i receive payed by CC

Sent now

Received, i sent in 20 min aprox.

Welp. Woulda gone to 13.5bil

Transfer done , sorry uthred. I know the value is more but was a fair deal .

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